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We’re finally getting a look at how much attacks have been seen in the wild in the first half of 2018 – and the numbers are astounding.

Ransomware is alive and well.

SonicWall recently released a mid-year to their 2018 Cyber Threat Report. In it, they cover increases in malware attacks, encrypted attacks, and cryptojacking attacks. But one of the most prominent attacks remains a constant threat – ransomware.

It feels like ransomware is old news – with so many stories in the news, and vendors claiming to have a handle on it, it’s natural to feel like it’s no longer a really-real threat. But the truth is ransomware is alive and well.

The SonicWall brings to light the reality of just how serious you need to take the threat of ransomware:

  • A 229% increase in ransomware attacks year-to-date over 2017
  • 12 new variants of ransomware (including some we’ve covered here like GandCrab)
  • 181.5 MILLION attacks this year alone (that’s nearly 100K attacks daily!)

These days, cybercriminals are business people looking for ways to use their “products and services” in ways that help them generate the greatest amount of revenue. The numbers above demonstrate the business of ransomware is stepping on the proverbial gas, seeing a bright future for their upcoming revenue targets.

This news highlights the importance of ensuring your users are as vigilant as ever. Maintaining a constantly elevated culture of security is necessary to reduce the attack surface within your organization. This is accomplished through frequent and effective new-school  security awareness training used to both educate the user on methods and techniques used by bad guys, but also about security-minded browsing and email habits.

Endpoint-Protection-Ransomware-Effectiveness-Report.jpg  - Endpoint Protection Ransomware Effectiveness Report - Ransomware Mid-Year Update: It’s Worse Than Ever

What is really the best way to combat the threat of ransomware?

We surveyed businesses across all industries to find out what they’re doing to defend themselves. We thoroughly examined who is at risk, what the scope and cost of an attack is, how organizations are protecting themselves from ransomware, and the effectiveness of their endpoint protection. The results might surprise you!

Learn more about:

  • The impact of an attack
  • How effective is antivirus against ransomware?
  • What are the best prevention methods?
  • How to strengthen your last line of defense – your users.

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