pirated movies  - pirated movies - Russians are now in the list of Highest Pirated Movies Viewers

Piracy is a serious threat that affects the film industry, Group-IB observed record high views in Russia and the market has grown by 21% since 2016.

The search queries for free movies and TV-shows have reached 10 billion in one year. At an average of 90 million total Internet users in Russia, every Internet user watches 110 pirated copies online.

Group-IB an international company specialized in prevention and investigation of cyber crimes reported to “GBHackers On Security ” via email and said,  Online-pirates shot screen copies of 280 movies in the first 9 months of 2018, which accounted for 80% of all released films in 2018 so far. Almost every film released in 2018 has been pirated and leaked to the web. In 2017, the country’s cinemas showed 477 movies, and 211 of them were pirated, which is 6 times more than a year earlier.

Pirated Movies  - Pirated Movies Russia - Russians are now in the list of Highest Pirated Movies Viewers

Pirates earn at an average of $3 per 1000 views and the monthly income of pirated websites administrators can reach up to $10,000. For creating a pirated site it would take about $240 and the pirated website starts paying off after 80,000 views.

CDN’s become the major online privacy growth driver, with the CDN-services pirates delivering video contents quickly to the users in HD quality.

Andrei Busargin from Property Group-IB said that the total number of files in the database of only one pirated CDN-service exceeds 300 thousand, which occupies more than 5 PB of server space and for maintaining such infrastructure it costs 100 thousand dollars.

Anyone can create pirate movies with readily available automatic script within 10 to 15 minutes, and the next thing is SEO, more than 75% of traffic for these sites coming through search engines. The total volume of pirated video traffic in 2017 has increased by 12% and keeps growing.

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