On Wednesday at the Samsung Developer Conference in San Francisco, Samsung exhibited what it calls One UI and commenced another way to deal with the client experience on Samsung smartphones.

Samsung has presented One UI to the point of streamlines a ton of tasks and expels mess from applications, notwithstanding, making the single-handed utilization of intractable components down to the lower half of the screen.

“The experience was reengineered to reduce clutter and distractions, allowing the user to better focus and quickly navigate their ,” Samsung said in its release.

One UI will relatively put up the gadget’s screen into a and base portion, a viewing area on the and an interactive area on the base.

- One UI - Samsung’s Announces One UI Software To Make Phone Easier To Use

It places key interaction zone close to the base of the screen where they’re in reach of your thumb and the upper portion of the screen as the viewing zone where messages and other information would be shown.

Samsung is also currently gathering pertinent settings alternatives together, which should make it less demanding for clients to discover what they’re searching for on One UI setting menu.

- OneUI1 - Samsung’s Announces One UI Software To Make Phone Easier To Use

There’s additionally another night mode, that from the concise demo and screen captures seems to go about as a dimmer mode. Samsung’s One UI symbols are overhauled and have a rounder look to them.

The beta form of One UI will be accessible alongside Android 9 Pie beta, which is taking off for Galaxy S9 and Note 9 this month. It is said that the full or stable version will be launched by beginning of next year.

How To Check the Beta Version Of One UI Software?

  • First download Samsung Members Application from Play Store or Galaxy Applications.
  • Once installed open the application and login.
  • Now go to Notice and click Open UI Beta Program Registration and complete the application.
  • After signing in go to Settings and click Update Software then Download Updates Manually.
  • You device will be updated and Beta version will be imported.

Note: Beta version is currently available in India, USA, UK, China, France, Germany, Poland, South Korea and Spain only.

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