AZ_Prime_Day  - AZ Prime Day - [Scam Of The Week] Amazon Prime Day Is Only 4 days away

It’s a opportunity for the bad guys to send a raft of phishing attacks. We do have a “Free Account” template that we just modified to fit a Day-style . It’s moved to the Current Events . Send this to your to inoculate them against the inevitable scams!

Amazon Prime Day: Free Prime Membership (Link)
In addition, we have a lot of Amazon templates that fit the potential scam scenarios.

Topic: Fake Orders
Amazon: Your Order Summary (Link)
Amazon: Your order 153-583-56729 has been successfully canceled (Link)
Amazon: [[email]], will you rate your transaction at (Link)

Topic: Credential Request
Amazon: You must confirm your account information (Link)
Amazon: Your Amazon verification code (Link)

Topic: Request to Update Payment Information
Amazon: Your Account Has Been Used Fraudulently (Link)
Amazon: Payment Refund Order #D01-9295874678 (Link)

Topic: Fraudulent Links
Amazon Customer Service Credit (Link)
Amazon: Refund for Order (Link)
Amazon: Intellectual Property Rights Infringement (Link)
Amazon: Kindly update your account with Amazon to avoid shutdown (Link)

Topic: Attachments
Amazon Support Case #29384 (HTML Attachment with Link)

Topic: Fake notifications about an Amazon Prime subscription, emails regarding shipping issues, and requests to validate your Amazon Prime account.

Amazon: You’ve Entered An Incorrect Password Too Many Times (Link)
Amazon: Unauthorized order on your Amazon account (Link)
Amazon: Help us test our Prime Air delivery service (Link)

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