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A is a program that allows for financial transactions. Smart contracts are usually associated with the Ethereum platform, which has a language called Solidity that makes it easy to program smart contracts. Someday, we will have smart contracts issuing insurance, processing legal claims, and executing accounting transactions.

Smart contracts involve money, and they are likely to transact with cryptocurrencies. That makes them ripe targets for attackers. What are the vulnerabilities of smart contracts? What can we do to ensure the safety of a high throughput, automated financial system?

In today’s episode, Haseeb Qureshi talks to , a professor at Cornell University where he is co-director of the Initiative for Cryptocurrencies and Contracts. They discuss how smart contracts work and how to secure them. Haseeb and Emin are both working full-time on cryptocurrencies, which makes for a detailed technical discussion.

In our previous episode about the DAO hack, Emin Gün Sirer was one of the protagonists of the story. You can find that episode as well as all of our old episodes by downloading the Software Engineering Daily app for iOS and for Android. We also have several other episodes with Haseeb.


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