Are you kidding ?

We edit a , we take time to create all the command lines, and after that, when I click on OK

- Capture 1 - Software component session timeout

All the command lines were created !

You can find them in the CMDB…

But you can’t any more associated them to your Software component, because was needing to “Create” and click “OK” before a timeout, not displayed, no find where to customize tthis delay 🙁

Seriously ?

This dummy process to create a package is already time over-consuming enough by itself, but no, we can also have to rebuild all the stuff twice !

If any people some Idea to extend this time ?

And please Symantec, do not put our work in trash like this, fix that, auto-refresh, or warning, or anything, but change this shame interface. THanks in advance.

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