A kotlin extension to load easily remote images in your ImageView.

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Add to gradle in allprojects

maven { url 'https://jitpack.io' }

then add this

compile 'com.github.matteocrippa:Parrot:0.0.6'

Parrot needs to be init once, passing the app context:

then provides you a simple function to tame all your needs:


This function has the following parameters:

  • url, optional string with current remote url
  • placeholder, optional bitmap placeholder or resource Id
  • caching, you can set your favorite caching , see below
  • manipulate, optional callback returns the image before setting to your imageview, here you can tweak the image
  • onPlaceholder, optional callback returns if a placeholder has been set
  • onComplete, optional callback returns when the image has been applied to the imageview


Parrot provide an easy way to handle images caching:

  • NetOnly, default option, force always reloading from net
  • NetThenDisk, once and use local version

Simple usage


Callback usage

    manipulate = { bitmap ->
        // alter bitmap
    }, onComplete = { completed ->
        // do something


Icon is taken by emojii set by Vincent Le Moign

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