As you can probably see, ’s take on a Qi-enabled is a bit different than most other options on the market.

Instead of the usual plastic build, the charger is composed of two different sections.

The part is made of natural cork while the bottom is composed of a stainless steel base. Buyers can select from two different color options – one with a dark cork and another with the usual light hue. The stainless steel color is identical on both.

With a diameter of a little more than 5 inches, the charging pad is a bit larger than other options, but that really didn’t bother me at all.

I’ve been testing out the darker version, stained with Japanese calligraphy ink, and have been impressed for a few reasons.

The hefty stainless steel base negates an issue I’ve found with other charging pads where my X accidentally moves out of alignment when a notification vibration comes in. I know the base isn’t going anywhere unless I move it.

There’s also no need to worry about having to manage a long cord. The 6-foot cord is built into the base and you can wrap nearly the entire length of it under the pad. So you can have a cord anywhere from 9 inches to 5-feet 6-inches available.

Grovemade does include a wall adapter for the USB plug.

As long as your iPhone case is less than 3mm thick, you should be able to charge your iPhone on the Grovemade option without any issues. The cork top is soft and feels to the touch.

There are a few downsides to mention, though. First up, the pad can only provide up to 5 watts of charging power to your iPhone. Two options on the market, including our favorite from Belkin, can provide 50 percent more – 7.5 watts. So if charging speed is your top priority, take a look at those options first.

Then there’s the matter of the $79 price tag.

While Grovemade has always focused on the high-end of the market, the company has consistently done a great job producing high-quality and beautiful accessories that will last. And that has continued with the wireless charging pad.

If you’re willing to spend a bit more, its a great option for wirelessly charging your iPhone.

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