We have BIG news to share… Today, we’re announcing a new partnership between Treehouse and CodeNewbie for their # project!

For those of you that haven’t been introduced yet, CodeNewbie is a global community of programmers and people learning to code founded and led by the fantastic Saron Yitbarek. Whether you’ve just started to code or are growing your skills, we all know that learning to code can be challenging, but as part of the CodeNewbie community, you find the motivation and support you need to keep moving forward and succeed. There’s an awesome podcast hosted by Saron to tune into every week, as well as popular TwitterChats every Wed at 9PM EST to connect people learning to code across the world (just search for the hashtag #CodeNewbie to ).

So what is CodeNewbie’s newest project #CNC2018 and what does this partnership mean?

CodeNewbie shares in our mission to help everyone and anyone code this and #CNC2018 gives us the opportunity to show our support for a project that is focused on achieving exactly that. In the video below, Saron explains how and why you should take part in the free program.

So how do you take part in #CNC2018?

Let’s get down to the details so you can get started.

– The cut off to sign up is Jan 26 at 11:59PM PST (so make sure you sign up ASAP)

– It’s free to take part

– There are four challenges to pick from when you sign up:

  1. Blog more
  2. Code more
  3. Get a job

– Each challenge comes with its own missions, homework, resources, tools, worksheets, and self-care tips to help you succeed

– Each challenge will vary in length, from 5 to 9 weeks

– More detail on each of the challenges can be found at 2018.codenewbie.org

– Once you sign up, you’ll receive your first mission to get you started on Jan 22

4-challenges-cnc2018  - 4 challenges 853x480 - This is the Year You Finally Start Coding: Join CodeNewbie’s #CNC2018

It takes dedication and willingness to work hard when you’re learning to code, but more importantly you need support and encouragement to keep you on track. Join #CNC2018 today and together we’ll help you rise to your challenge!

One last reminder, remember to sign up before Jan 26 at 11:59PM PST!

Have questions? Share them in the comments below.

start-coding-cnc2018  - start coding 1 851x480 - This is the Year You Finally Start Coding: Join CodeNewbie’s #CNC2018

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