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Top 10 Best Text Editors For Mac OS (Latest)  - text editors for mac - Top 10 Best Text Editors For Mac OS (Latest) 2018
10 Best Text Editors For Mac OS ()

There are various operating systems based on which numerous devices are being used. Each of these operating systems has some pre-installed software which helps in performing various tasks such as running applications, editing videos, and text, etc. However, a pre-installed software cannot have all the features which a user desires to have! Thus, you can have a third party software on your device which provides with the features which you require.

In most of the computers, one of the most frequently used software is the text editor. Windows operating system has Notepad as its pre-installed software, Notes for iOS and Text Edit for MacOS. Since we already mentioned that one can use various this party text editing software, here we are with a list of some of the best text editing software which you can have on your Mac computer.

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Let’s have a look over these best text-editors for MAC OS 2018. And download these Editors directly from itechhacks.

#1 BBEDIT 11:

Best Text Editors For Mac OS 2018  - BBEdit - Top 10 Best Text Editors For Mac OS (Latest) 2018

This software is developed by Bare Bones developers and it’s one of the best performing text editors amongst all! Also, it is the software which was released when not many text editors were available for the people to use. Apart from a text editor, it also works as an HTML editor with features such as searching, advanced editing, etc. This feature is quite useful for web developers.

#2 TextMate:

TextMate  - TextMate - Top 10 Best Text Editors For Mac OS (Latest) 2018

TextMate is another useful text editor for Mac computers which is free to use. This software can be used by beginners as well as pros since it runs on UNIX command which makes it highly adaptable.

#3 Sublime Text:

Sublime Text  - Sublime Text - Top 10 Best Text Editors For Mac OS (Latest) 2018
Sublime Text

Even this software works efficiently in editing your text. In addition to it, this software also takes care of the size of your file. You can make use of various shortcuts which are assigned to specific functions. This makes it easier and which to edit your text. The API plugin of this software allows users to customize this software according to their needs.

#4 Brackets:

Brackets  - Brackets - Top 10 Best Text Editors For Mac OS (Latest) 2018

Brackets is one of the best open source text editors. Since this software is maintained by Adobe, you can imagine the functionality of it. The distinguishing character of this software is its intuitive user interface. The Extract feature allows you to copy font, colors, gradients, measurements, from a PSD file into a clean CSS which is ready for web usage.

#5 Visual Studio Code:

Visual Studio Code  - Visual Studio Code - Top 10 Best Text Editors For Mac OS (Latest) 2018
Visual Studio Code

This is another text editor which you can use in your Mac computers for editing text. However, it works more like an Integrated Development Enjoyment instead of a text editor.

#6 Atom:

Atom  - Atom - Top 10 Best Text Editors For Mac OS (Latest) 2018

This is one of the latest addition to the list if text editor for Mac computers. However, this software is also compatible with Windows and Linux operating system. This software is maintained by Github and is also a free and open source software.

#7 CodeRunner 2:

CodeRunner 2  - CodeRunner 2 - Top 10 Best Text Editors For Mac OS (Latest) 2018
CodeRunner 2

This is not a free software but, not that expensive also! It provides with enough features for the price it charges. As the name suggests, you can also edit codes on this software. However, it is useful only for coders since all a normal person might need is a text editor.

#8 UltraEdit:

UltraEdit  - UltraEdit - Top 10 Best Text Editors For Mac OS (Latest) 2018

This software can be used to easily edit texts from HTML, PHP, Javascript, C/C++, Perl, Python, and a number of various languages. But, the features of this text editor are not free to use. You need to purchase it before you start using it!

#9 TextWrangler:

TextWrangler  - TextWrangler - Top 10 Best Text Editors For Mac OS (Latest) 2018

This software is developed by Bare Bones, who also happen to be the developers of BBEDIT software. This software is developed for the people who only need a simple text editor without any code editor. Also, it is free to use.

#10 MacVim:

MacVim  - MacVim - Top 10 Best Text Editors For Mac OS (Latest) 2018

Last but not the least, MacVim is a text editor for Mac computers which can be used for free! The shortcuts to execute commands makes it quite handy and easy to use. It also provides with a fully-featured ODB editor.

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These were some of the Best Text Editors for MAC 2018 which we could find for your Mac computers. You can try them out and know which one serves your purpose the best. We assure you that none of the above-listed software will ever disappoint you with their performance and features.

If you know of any such useful text editor for Mac, which is not listed above, then please let us know about it in the comments section below.

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