How to hack ? That’s probably the most asked, searched & queried questions today. People ask, “how to hack Facebook account“, “is there any Facebook hack software“, “any method for Facebook hack ” and what not!

Today, in this tutorial, we will help & guide you to the path to hack Facebook account password. So, let’s move on!

How to hack Facebook account online ? : Phishing

This is method is so put first as it is the best which can guarantee you Facebook hack in easy way, less time & efforts. It is also convenient as you actually don’t hack into Facebook but instead fool your target. Basically, you create a fake page that is actually a mirror of Facebook website, then you send this to your target who entering into his Facebook password gets into your trap. That’s crazy right!

Step 1

You need a hack Facebook script for this,  a web hosting to host your script, & its pretty easy further then.

You can grab a free or a paid host for this job, as there are many available out. just googling for “free hosting sites” can do it much easier. I would recommend going for some best like “000webhost“, “Hostinger“, “5gbfree“, etc. There are plenty out, you just need one to host your hack fb script.

Step 2

Then you need to upload this fb hack script on the your hosting server. You can use either file manger or a ftp method for it. You can download hack fb script from here.

Step 3

Once uploaded, just copy the link for your site, it may be “”, something like that. Send this link to the potential target you wanna hack.

Step 4

As your target victim enter his fb username & password, you’ll get his credentials straight into your account.

Alternate Best Way : Using Facebook Hack Phishing sites

Now, you see the method I described above may not be possible for everyone. The fact is, it is too tedious, time-consuming & just a headache. Also not all of you are used to handling scripts, hosting & other related parts. So is there any alternate way, some other tool that can do this for me? Yes, you’re at right place man!

We will see some very popular & working hack fb phishing sites.

First is This site originally in Arabic, can help you in hacking Facebook through Phishing.

We at HackeRoyale, have already described this method independently in our separate tutorial. You can read our tutorial on hack Facebook account password using anomor in detail here.

hack facebook account password by anomor  - PicsArt 04 22 06 - Top Best 5 Ways To Hack Facebook Account Password Online : 2018

Second is Z-shadow. This is site is also pretty cool when it comes to hacking Facebook account. Also this has been widely used in past year for fb hacks. So I will recommend this too, as it has been much experienced & effectively working.

How To Hack Facebook Account password Using z-shadow  - PicsArt 04 23 02 - Top Best 5 Ways To Hack Facebook Account Password Online : 2018

You can read our tutorial on hack Facebook account password using z-shadow here.

Now, the simple sense behind this hack is, the link you sent is not Facebook’s domain link, but created by you. So you can of course see the credential in your host that you used.

That was all about Facebook hack online. Let’s move on next.

How to hack Fb account ? : Man-in-the-middle attack

Next method of Facebook hack is using the MITM approach. MITM or Man-in-the-middle is a concept where you, the attacker act like an agent between the Facebook server & your target victim.

You intercept the requests going form the victim to the server. As you act as a middleman in this hack, it is called as man-in-the-middle.

This works best in an WiFi LAN, where you target is on the same network as yours.

This is how it works:

- download - Top Best 5 Ways To Hack Facebook Account Password Online : 2018

Now the question is, what are the Facebook hack software or fb hacker app for this ?

Yes there they go:

Ettercap – Kali . Read our article on this best MITM hacking tool used in Kali Linux (please read as you will like it, and I’m not going to describe it here again).

SSLStrip – Kali Linux.

zANTI – Android app.

Faceniff – Android app.

The best way to hack someone’s Facebook account using this approach would be using Kali Linux.

We have a very brief & well explained tutorial on hack Facebook using Kali Linux (Social Engineering Toolkit) here. I highly recommend you all to read this article as it clearly describes the actual process. Its not hard, you will enjoy doing it.

You can also watch our video on how to hack Facebook account using Kali Linux for better understanding:

With that said MITM, lets see the next method which is more easier than this.

Facebook hack software : Keylogger

Someone asked is there any fb password hacker app or tool? Answer is yes.

Keylogger, ever geard this term? If yes, good. If not, then keylogger is a softeware, which bascically when installed on a target host, records all hhte keystrokes by victim & sends it to the attacker. So, you got it right. You can use this amzing tool for recodring the keystrokes from your victim, then of course if he had entrerd his facebook username & password you will get that to you. Yes, you. Mindblowing ?!

Now you will ask where will I get the best ones for my job? So here’s a list of few good working keyloggers:

Kikde iowl – Android Playstore

Hack Facebook Account Password Online : keylogger  - Yp8EPu0S nUwrwCMdDotTxjBFE0U6G6Pp8A P6h4W3RieofuKvqFSbDNNXYUhhJhCk0 w1366 h662 rw - Top Best 5 Ways To Hack Facebook Account Password Online : 2018

This is what described by the developer about the app:

“Kikde Iowl” is a perfect application for monitoring your loved ones, colleague, employees or anyone. This Application is usually used for monitoring the typed key details from target device whatever typing. “Kikde Iowl” or less-known “keyboard monitor” is a software developed for one purpose only, to gather the keystrokes of a targeted device and send them to the server. User can manually check targeted device data from our server by logging with register User Id and password. This fabulous app was introduced with simple UI and Simple themes of keyboard its also have some useful features of keyboard like spell correction, emoji, user dictionary, google voice keyboard, custom themes and may more.
This Free android keylogger secretly watches over the phones of your children or staff members, monitor on SMS ( messages), MMS, WhatsApp*, Facebook*, Viber, internet activity, calendar, contacts, and lots of typed keystrokes. So Why are you Waiting? Please download this amazing app and try it.

Quickly I will guide you through some steps to hack facebook account below:

Step 1

Download the app from Playstore. Here’s the link.

Step 2

Register now for an account either from within the app itself or on website.

Step 3

Go on to their website, login to check the haclked data.

Shadow – Kid’s Key Logger – Android Playstore

Hack Facebook Account Password Online : 2018  - pNwcZgi5lUVuU43aEyPqWSsFyfUMlkmNtQXWG68qNINvJk74m2quaVm5nZOQi8sx3w w1366 h662 rw - Top Best 5 Ways To Hack Facebook Account Password Online : 2018

As said by the developer about the app:

Shadow is a monitoring android application which is specially developed for the parents. Shadow will also help you when one of your friend ask for your to use for ten minutes,but you don’t trust him or her.

So what can you do is, You can simply activate SHADOW and give phone to your friend. When he/her return your phone again ,you can check that whether he or she did an unnecessary/inappropriate things on your phone. SHADOW will record every key event he or she made during that time including very useful info such as Applications he used,Time they use them, key events and etc.

Following are some keyloggers that may help you specially if you’re using Desktop OS:

  • Kidlogger
  • Actual Keylogger
  • Revealer Keylogger
  • Spyrix Keylogger 
  • KidLogger
  • REFOG Free Keylogger
  • DanuSoft Free Keylogger 
  • BlackBox Express

Facebook hack online : Cookie Stealing & Session Hijacking

Cookie stealing or session hijacking is fourth most used method to hack Facebook account password.

Cookies are basically stored on our computer, when we browse through sites. The browser saves cookie for further communication with the server. Now, this cookie can also be stealed by an attacker & used to authenticate our session. He can then carry out his activities.

hack facebook using cookie  - fjpfacebook cookies 0927a - Top Best 5 Ways To Hack Facebook Account Password Online : 2018

On this method of hack Facebook account password using cookies or sessions we have an article. It demonstrates use of Wireshark for this purpose. You can read this article here.

How to hack Facebook account password ? : Reset Password method

Coming on last, this is something which may sound stupid. But, don’t overlook hmm. This can be very useful actually. Not only this special Facebook hack method is easy, but also requires a very less time & heck.

You can hack someones Facebook login using this simple method.

Step 1

So you need to have the email address or the username of your victim you’re trying to hack. This is beneficial when the victim is ultimately your friend. Hehe, hacking a friend, that’s good for fun.

Step 2

Anyway, after you get this, you need to straight login to the Facebook & there you enter the username.

Step 3

Then what, click on “Reset Password”. You have to enter the victim’s username here again.

facebook hack   - reset facebook password - Top Best 5 Ways To Hack Facebook Account Password Online : 2018

Now, the system will surely ask you whether to reset your password using this same email or not. As you know you don’t have access to the mail, you will select ”no longer have access to these?”.

Hack Facebook Account Password   - facebook hacking - Top Best 5 Ways To Hack Facebook Account Password Online : 2018

Step 4

Further, it will ask you how to reach. Now, enter an email that hasn’t been used previously anywhere else on Facebook.


Then the system will ask you some question related to your victim. Now this is just trial & error. If you know the answer (probably you may know, if he’s your friend), then type in the answer & let it go. You have hacked into this. Reset the password & whoila!!

Just for information, Facebook also gives an another option to confirm your identity using the identification of few trusted contacts from the victim’s fb profile. If you know the people, you can use this method either too. So right it was there hack Facebook account password using “Reset password”. Wufu. You DID it.

You can explore more of our tutorials & articles on Facebook hacking here.


We have discussed all various methods involved in Facebook hack. These methods will help you to hack Facebook account password online sure.

Now the trivia is, if you search Facebook hacker software, or something related to this, you will find a list of websites that directly claim of hacking fb passwords.

People, I want to warn you here. Believe, me if you’d ever imagined of hacking Facebook password using such tools, then you’re WRONG. Yes, all what you see, the websites that promise Facebook password hack are fake. They are 100% ultimately fake. So don’t just fall behind those crap. Time is valuable right?

Now its time to wind up all. We have seen the most used, working & best methods to hack Facebook account password. Guys, now after reading this, you will surely try one or more of these methods. Let me be frank, if one doesn’t work go onto the second & so on. But remember its not just about doing the same, but its also about properly understanding it & most importantly properly performing it. Only then I can assure you that it may work.

Also, if none of the above works for you, don’t get disappointed. It maybe you’re not doing it in right manner or some other reason. I just want to say that whatever you do, do for a purpose. Do not do this for anyone’s harm. This will add to your knowledge, but do not use it for bad intentions.

And furthermore, I also declare that, HackeRoyale will not be responsible for any consequences resulting from your implementation of above methods. We also do not hold any rights for tools involved. They are independently owned & managed, and all the methods described in this tutorial are my own personal opinion.

Thanks for reading this tutorial. Any questions or queries? Comment below.

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