DDoS attacks  - DDoS1 - Two Hackers Arrested Linked to DDoS Attacks Face Prison

Two young for on several critical Ukraine sources including the city of Mariupol and several other educational institutions.

The DDoS attacks aims in exhausting the resource of a network, or service that leads an organization to the various technical impacts.

Ukraine police arrested two young hackers 21- and 22-years-old suspected in developing DDos attacking tools that send’s hundreds of packets to exhaust the target network resources.

The attackers appeared to be working in a IT company and the policeman conducted at the location where they are working and they have seized computers and the mobile devices used.

of the Information Technology and Department in the Eastern region conducted an analysis of the files found on their computers. Specifically, the device detected the software used to implement the DDOS- attack, reads the Ukraine police blog post.”

The duo has been charged for criminal proceeding under article 361 for unauthorized interference with the computers, automated systems, computer networks or telecommunication networks.

- DDoS1 - Two Hackers Arrested Linked to DDoS Attacks Face Prison

Cyber attacks are done for different reasons and in the end, there are different benefits. However, the benefits accrued mostly depend on the motive for the initial attack.

Earlier this month U.S citizen sentenced 10 years in for Massive DDOS attacks against 2 hospitals on U.S Boston Children’s Hospital and Wayside Youth and Family Support Network in 2014.

He deployed malicious softwares on over 40,000 network routers that was controlled by his home computer and used those compromised computers to launch the DDOS attack.

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