Universal Fit Lids Could Make Your Life Somewhat Simpler - 59de34e1053b2a4b728c04b7a20eff3d original - Universal Fit Lids Could Make Your Life Somewhat Simpler

I don’t want to come off as cynical all the time. Sometimes I don’t mind taking something at face value and giving it a shot. Today that thing is the UniLid.

It’s a silicone based lid that can supposedly many different sizes of containers. Instead of having to find that exact lid to go with that plastic bowl that you know was thrown away 6 months ago, you could just reach for a lid that stretches slightly to the bowl. It even has a built in day-of-the-week marker to remind you how old that Christmas lasagna is.

Now, I remain a bit skeptical only because they didn’t show much universality of the lid. I like my fit products to be shown fitting on several different sizes of things. It also looks like there’s multiple sizes of the UniLid, so each one probably has a small range of stretchability.

Anyway, the successful Kickstarter plans to ship in May and you can get your set for $15. I thought it was cool.

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