Hardware Firewall for your USB ports  - USGUSB - USG Hardware Firewall To Protect Your USB ports From Untrusted USB Device

is a for your , permits users to associate USB flash drives and other USB gadgets to their PC without any security risks.


A firewall is Software/Hardware acts as a wall between a trusted system or network and outside connections. Firewalls have been the first layer of defense in security for years.

Apart fro this, An organization point of view, Placing a web-application firewall can filter out the malicious SQL queries in the traffic and other dangerous web threats

USG Firewall for USB Ports

The USG is a little, versatile hardware USB firewall that segregates a potentially harmful from your PC.

USG, created by New Zealander Robert Fisk, USG does supports for mass storage (flash drives), keyboards, and mouse. Future firmware amendments may include additional gadgets and features.

Hardware Firewall for your USB ports  - USG USB - USG Hardware Firewall To Protect Your USB ports From Untrusted USB Device

USG, which keeps running on custom firmware, just let data to pass, disregarding any sort of low-level communications between the USB gadget and PC.

More than that USG can in both ways, it will our USB devices when connecting to unfamiliar computers and our computer when connecting to unfamiliar USB devices.

Along with this, a Strong web-application firewallsuch as Incapsula CDN identifying the malicious threats using several layers of security policies.

Why Should I use USG, Antivirus can save me

Badusb firmware cannot be detected by file-based scanner like Antivirus. Commands from malicious USB can directly reach USB stack and infects the computer.

This infection occurs even before the file based scanner realizes the activity. Everything! Besides Windows, Mac OS, and , embedded systems with USB ports are also likelily vulnerable to BadUSB.

How does USG Benefit me

If you purchase a new USB device, then you unpack and insert directly into your computer. That would harm the computer if the device comes with pre-installed backdoors.

Here is the checklist which insists him to create a USG Firewall

  • Do you know who developed your flash drive’s firmware? (It’s probably not the company name printed on the packaging).
  • Has the firmware been reviewed for accesses and malware infections?.
  • Could you affirm that the firmware running on your drive hasn’t been maliciously changed while or after production?

The USG’s firmware is fully open and auditable. The USG confines BadUSB devices from your PC, in the meantime it can also pass through the information you require.

How can I buy or make this USG

You can order your own USG v1.0 hardware firewall by contacting their developer and the Prize NZ$80.

And the interesting thing is you can build your own USG, here you find instructions.

Limitations of USG

  • USG1.0 uses a 12Mbps hardware, so the maximum speed of transfer will be around 1MB per sec.
  • With USG1.0 supports mass storage (flash drives), keyboards, and mouse. They would add support for additional devices in future revisions.

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