phishing-mcsharkahole  - phishing mcsharkahole - WATCH IT – Current Events Will Be Misused for Phishing…AGAINHere are the latest phishes from the KnowBe4 team over the past few days, some prompted by warnings from US-CERT.

  • : Hurricane Florence Relief Funds  *new*
  • Operation USA: You can help the victims of hurricanes *new*
  • The Onion: 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Burt Reynolds   *new*
  • Goodwill: Donate for Hurricane Florence Disaster Relief
  • Goodwill: Donate Now to Hurricane Florence Disaster Relief Efforts

Next, we’ll be working on new Halloween templates. We recently put all of our existing Halloween templates back into the Holiday category, but will be adding fresh content for this year in the next few weeks.


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