I’m in ! Well I’m just in Denmark, I’m about to head out the hotel door and into 30 hours of travel which isn’t exactly fun, but that’s the nature of living on the other side of the world to pretty much everything.

This week’s is a little late as my Friday was absolutely non-stop in Denmark. I talk about that below including the preceding days involving some pretty full on sledding in Norway, workshops, talks, ice, slush and snow. Plus, of course, the actual infosec stuff from the week namely my new Pluralsight course on creating a security-centric culture.

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  1. This is the first of a brand new Pluralsight series on creating a security-centric culture (totally free too, get into it!)
  2. NDC Security is coming to the Gold Coast! (I’m there, Scott’s there, the sun and beach are there 😎)
  3. LastPass is sponsoring my blog this week (if you don’t already have a password manager, you’re doing it wrong!)

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