network security key  - network security key - What is Network Security Key? How to Find it in your Network

A device’s is a password or
pass-phrase used to authenticate with a local area network (LAN). The typical
modern LAN includes
computers, mobile devices, smart TVs and more. The network key must be provided
by any device that wants to connect to the LAN.

With so many stories of cyber crimes hitting the news on a nearly daily basis, the need for competent network security professionals is on the rise. One of the fundamental concepts in network security is the network key.

Understanding what it is and how to it is one of those essential skills that even a novice help desk support agent should realize. Let’s have a look at its function and how it can be found on various devices and platforms.

In order to find the Network Security Key on a specific device, follow these steps:

For Desktop Operating Systems

Windows 7 and Above – The Network Security Key in Windows 7 and later can be found in Network Settings. To find it, follow these steps: from the settings on computers already connected to WiFi:

1. Click Start, then Control Panel (or just search for
Control Panel from the Start menu)

2. Click “view network status and tasks” under “Network and

3. Click “Manage Wireless Networks

4. Locate the current network on the menu that appears

5. Right-click the active wireless network and choose

6. Click the tab labeled “Security”

7. Click “Show characters” if it isn’t checked already

At that point, the network security key should be visible. This same key can be used to connect any other device.

- netowrk security key - What is Network Security Key? How to Find it in your Network

For Mac OS High Sierra and Later – the easiest way to access the Network Security Keyon a Mac involves these simple steps:

1. Go into Launchpad and click “Other”

2. Click “Keychain Access”

3. Select the active network from the list (may require an
administrator password)

4. Click “Allow” if applicable

The network security key should display. If not, click “Show Password” to display it.

Network Security Key  - netowrk security key 1 - What is Network Security Key? How to Find it in your Network

Finding the Network Security Key in a Router

Different routers display their settings in different ways, but, in most cases, the Network Security Key should be accessible under the heading “wireless security settings” or something similar. You can learn more about where to search for this and other wireless network security settings here.

Network Security Key  - network security key 1 - What is Network Security Key? How to Find it in your Network

Finding the Network Security Key in a Mobile Device

Finding the Network Security Key on a mobile device is even more comfortable. Since mobile OS menus change rapidly, we won’t give a specific set of steps. The network key is located in the WiFi settings under “WiFi hotspot and tethering” or the equivalent.

The procedure is virtually the same in iOS. On some Apple
devices, it is referred to as the passkey. In either case, the user has the
option to use the default password or set up a unique one for added security.

Learning More About Network Security

There are a number of sites that assist students in
learning more about network security. Here are just a few:

YouTube – There are videos here on practically any network security topic in existence. Look for recent videos (within the past six months) for the best possible information.

EssayPro – For those who need technical writing help, this
site can be a real lifesaver. Students whose understanding of network security
is better than their ability to articulate complex concepts in writing should
consider contacting them. The EssayPro service can connect you with a
professional essay
to ensure coherency in papers and

SANS Institute – This is a paid training site with reasonably- priced
courses focused on various aspects of technology including network security.

We hope the above instructions and resources will help you learn more about the Network Security Key and other basics of network security.

Having even a surface understanding of some of its core concepts can make your or Résumé more appealing to employers. We recommend visiting some or all of the sites listed above to learn more or find answers to some common network security questions.

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