People are going crazy for cryptocurrencies as it almost takes over the financial market, undoubtedly blockchain technology is replacing the current world with a digital world, but we need to be convinced that the digital world is more vulnerable to cyber attacks and are always finding a way to make money out of security weaknesses.

Recently, A named “Digmine” was spread across the world and people were getting trapped into it. It wasn’t a usual malware which harms the files and encrypt them, it was actually a miner which spreads in a form of zip file from user to user thus to . This malware uses your CPU power to mine a coin known as Monero which is currently trading at 350$.

DigMine File Structure  - DigMine - Your Computer Might be Mining CryptoCurrency for Hackers – Facebook Messenger Malware

DigMine File Structure and how its spread through Facebook Messenger

The methodology which is used to spread this malware is quit effective for the hackers, once a computer is infected, it sends the malware file to all the contacts in messenger and from there it spreads to their friends of friends and the chain just goes viral.

How to be safe from DigMine Malware?

The methods to stay safe from DigMine Malware are actually simple, just follow these steps

  • Do not open any file on the messenger, email or anywhere.
  • Never download any file which seems malicious to you, if a friends sends you something, just ask them over the and better confirm before downloading.

The second way is to install SandBoxie and open your doubted files there, it won’t let the malware hurt your PC and will show you all the processes.

Be Safe!

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