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In bitcoin, every transaction in the shared ledger has the sender, recipient, and value. This ledger gets appended infinitely and is shared within a peer-to-peer network. is a cryptocurrency with all the features of bitcoin, plus encrypted transactions. The sender, recipient, and value fields are all encrypted.

If bitcoin is HTTP, Zcash is like HTTPS, a secure transport layer. works on Zcash, and in this episode we discuss why an encrypted version of bitcoin is useful, how mining works, and how Zcash the company is structured. Nathan also gives some context for the current state of the bitcoin community, and where Zcash fits in.



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GitKraken is designed to make you a more productive Git user. The UI equips you with a visual understanding of your branching, merging, and commit history and features multiple profile support, one-click undo and redo, a built-in merge tool, and fast search. Easily set up integrations with GitHub, GitHub Enterprise, Bitbucket, and GitLab. Visit gitkraken.com/sedaily and use promo code SEDAILY to get $10 off GitKraken Pro.

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Good customer relationships define the success of your business. Zendesk helps you build better mobile apps and retain users. With Zendesk Mobile SDKs, you can bring native, in-app support to your app quickly and easily. If a user discovers a bug in your app, that user can view help content and start a conversation with your support team without leaving your app. Keep your customers happy with Zendesk. Check out zendesk.com/sedaily to support , and get $177 off.
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Exaptive simplifies data development for the web. Work with the tech you know. Leave the other stuff and the blue code to the platform. Go to exaptive.com/sedaily to learn more and get a free account.

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