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The actors behind SamSam launched an attack against in January 2018, leaving the company’s without access to the services needed to run their medical practices — some for more than a week.

All this week, Salted Hash will be running a series looking at the attack against Allscripts, and the group responsible for that attack, known commonly as SamSam.

The series will be published in four parts, but Insiders can download the entire thing today.

Salted Hash spent nearly a month following various threads and talking to security experts, as well as customers of Allscripts affected by the attack.

In addition to details about the attack itself, we’ll also dig into the SamSam group, and highlight some very common tactics they use to victimize organizations. If you think antivirus alone will stop SamSam, you’re wrong, and are likely operating in a space that SamSam is only too happy to target.

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