Hey all;

I’m the proud owner of a little (currently profitable) company that has built a delivery route software for newspaper delivery companies. We’re going to start growing into serving anyone wanting a route through a city for delivering items. I’ve been cold calling and made what meager sales we have now, but I want to grow our customer base.

PROBLEM: We’re B2B, since the software is for companies who do repeating deliveries in a city, but I can’t do any more cold calling. I just can’t.

How can I reach potential customers, with such a wide potential base?

My thoughts so far have been around trying to leverage my time a bit with digital advertising, but I feel like I have no business being on Insta/Facebook/social media, since Routing Software is useful but boring af.

So then I was trying to think about using Adsense for people who are searching for routing, but we’re very limited in the geographical locations that we serve (only Canada right now). I know I can geofence an Adwords , but I’m wondering if this is the best place to be putting my money right now?

Any pointers or even just a push in the right direction would be super helpful.

Cheers all.

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