ILTA-Report  - ILTA Report - “KnowBe4 Is The Biggest Winner In Awareness Content”The International Legal Technology Association is the premier peer-driven association for technologists in the legal field.

The ILTA’s most prestigious publication each year is their annual Technology Survey. It provides substantive data against which you can benchmark your organization’s technology implementations and future plans.

The recent 2018 survey reports the input of 481 firms representing more than 92,000 attorneys and 188,000 total users. We know you’ll benefit from a review of the full analysis, priced at $500 for members, but the Executive Summary is a free download, no registration required.

When we had a look, to our great surprise, was mentioned on page 10 where they wrote:

“With increasing resources focused on a robust security portfolio, on the burgeoning analytics field (although not always a function within IT,) and even with ongoing management of email history (still the #1 concern on the email front,) how do IT departments juggle the workload?

“Two answers that seem to bubble up in every iteration of this survey are simplification and efficiency. One example would be purchasing a security awareness training program, rather than building it every year. The need to keep this material interesting and relevant necessitates an annual refresh and some significant creativity, which can consume cycles in the training department.

“The obvious solution is to tap into one of the many security and training vendors for material, signage, creative ideas and even online that can be delivered individually or via a Learning Management System (use of these LMS platforms jumped 4 points this year.)

“Although the number of firms reporting that they develop training content in-house jumped eight points on this survey, the number of firms developing security content in particular has fallen 49 points over the last four years! The in packaged security awareness content is KnowBe4, which jumped 15 points since last year and 35 points over four years.”

We are thrilled to see our exponential growth in the legal profession!

ILTA-graph-SAT  - ILTA graph SAT - “KnowBe4 Is The Biggest Winner In Awareness Content”

Your Lawyer Uses KnowBe4… Shouldn’t you?

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