Radisson hotel group  - Radisson hotel group - Radisson Hotel Group Data Breach Exposed Customer’s Personal Data

Radisson hotel suffered a breach, unknown number of customer’s details accessed by hackers.

The intrusion was read by the On October 1, 2018, and the said the impacted clients will receive notification from Radisson Rewards between October 30 and 31, 2018.

Radisson hotel group was founded in 1960, it is one of the largest hotel group having more than 1,400 hotels in 114 countries.

Rewards identified a data incident impacting a small percentage of our Radisson Rewards members and incident not affected any card details reads the company incident report.

According to their ongoing investigation following are the personal information accessed by the hackers that include member name, address (including country of residence), email address, and in some cases, company name, phone number, Radisson Rewards member number, and any frequent flyer numbers on file.

Also, the company confirms all the hotel stays and future reservation are not and actions are taken to secure the impacted accounts.

Customers are advised to monitor their account for suspicious activity, attackers possibly use the exposed data to launch targeted .

“Radisson hotel group confirms Radisson Rewards for Business member and a Radisson Rewards member was not affected. Radisson Rewards takes this incident very seriously and is conducting an ongoing extensive investigation into the incident.”

This is the tenth data breach reported in the month following Facebook, Google plus, Pentagon, Fitmetrix, HealthCare.gov, Pocket iNet, Burgerville and Cathay Pacific.

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