It may be a bit difficult to spot the best water from the large variety of available devices since, from the outside, it can seem that you can just snap in a couple sensors, add a mobile app which connects through Bluetooth and you’re set, you now have a smart device, but, things require a bit more finesse and a proper implementation of the necessary technologies. That being said, a smart water bottle should be able to accurately track your water intake and, using a proprietary mobile app (it usually connects to either an iOS or device via Bluetooth) it should be able to create charts and new goals, as well as send notifications to remind you to drink enough water throughout the day.

The people that would most benefit from this type of devices are those that want to (or need to) keep track of how much water they drink: such as the outdoor workers (which are often vulnerable especially during the summer), those that work in an office (especially if you’re a programmer, professional gamer or working in any other IT-related job, where you are required to focus for longer periods of time, so it’s easy to forget you have to drink or eat), the elderly (which are actually one of the most vulnerable category of people to dehydration, that actually poses a serious threat for their health and may need to be regularly kept in check) and, lastly, it will also be suitable for people that like to keep track of everything that happens with their body (such as active people that practice outdoors sports – there actually are smart water bottles that will work with Fitbit for more detailed stats).

UPDATE 01.08.2018: The Thermos 24 Ounce Hydration Bottle has been added to the best smart water bottles list

Now, it’s clear that everybody has at least one smart device inside their home and, while some time ago, the thought of having almost all your electronic devices connected and communicating to each other in order to create a smart home environment was something out of a sci-fi novel. But, since technology evolves at an unprecedented pace, we have become accustomed with having every electronic device interconnected and even the most unassuming objects have now gained the smart prefix.

Some of these devices have been created for medical purposes (which can span from the smart spoon for Parkinson’s sufferers which has a specific demographic to the heart rate and calories-burned trackers which are suitable for a more general public) and there are also a lot of smart devices which aim at improving our lifestyle: including the more popular smartphones, smartwatches, smart thermostats or smart locks, as well as the least common smart mirrors (which display live feed stats), smart toasters (which allows you to choose between different types of bread and let you know through a notification when the bread is done, so you won’t ever really have to worry about burning up the toast) and now, we also have smart water bottles.

So, without further ado, since we’ve already had a look at the best smartphones on the market (at an acceptable budget), as well as the best waterproof smartwatches and had a slight incursion into the world of the smart smoke detectors, it’s now time to have a look at which manufacturer managed to create the best smart water bottles.



1. H2OPal Smart Bottle Hydration Tracker

h20pal  - h20pal 1 570x335 - The best smart water bottles of 2018 – MBReviews

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The H20Pal smart bottle is the latest product (and the only one, so far) to come from the technology-based startup ‘Out Of Galaxy’, a device that challenges the current setup of most other smart bottles by choosing to go for a different approach: instead of incorporating the electronic parts into the bottle itself (some have LED indicators or a small display to show you how much water you drank), the manufacturer decided to leave it as a separate part, so it can be used with different types of bottles.

So, H2OPal consists of two separate parts, one is the bottle itself, which is a borosilicate glass bottle (it’s transparent, so you can see how much water you’ve sipped) with various silicone bands positioned towards the top and on the middle for a more sporty look and, connected to the bottom, lies the second part of the H2OPal, which incorporates all the electronic parts and has the role of tracking your water intake.

h20pal  - h20pal 4 570x340 - The best smart water bottles of 2018 – MBReviews

The H20Pal smart bottle can be filled with 18.6 ounces of water (the mouth of the bottle is a bit narrow, so it may be a bit difficult to insert ice), it is dishwasher safe (you need to remove the bottom part) and it comes in two colour variants: pink and yellow or black and blue. If you fear that the bottle may break (and it will if you drop it), you can take off the silicone sleeve (towards the bottom part) and add it to a plastic bottle (for a perfect fit, it needs to have approximately a 3-inch diameter and it needs to weigh at least 2.9 oz when empty) and then simply reconnect the bottom mechanism to regain the smart features (it works fine with gym bottles which are usually made of plastic and it will give you some peace off mind if you think glass is too heavy, slippery and fragile).
Note: The smart bottle uses a single coin cell battery, which should be able to last up to 6 months.

The H20Pal can be connected to an iOS device and all you have to do is download and install the app (an Android app is currently in the beta stage) – the H20Pal app will work with Fitbit, the Apple Health app and will also sync with the Apple Watch.

h20pal  - h20pal 5 570x316 - The best smart water bottles of 2018 – MBReviews

After you’ve installed the app, you will be required to enter your name, choose your gender, set your birthday, height and weight, and you will be asked to select ‘How active are you?’ (can be Not very active, Lightly active, Normal active and Very active). Afterwards, you can enable some Additional Services (such as Location Data – can use the weather reports to adjust your daily goal, the Motion Data and Health Data) and add your H20Pal Tracker (you will be given instructions on how to activate the device which includes activating the Bluetooth and pairing the smart bottle – you will need to insert the PIN number). After the process is done, the H20Pal will ask you if it should send you notifications and you can visit the user interface (the menu includes Home, Profile, Statistics, Levels and achievements, Entry log, H20Pal Tracker, Tutorial and Settings (here, you can also enable Fitbit sync)).
Note: The H20Pal smart bottle can also be connected to Amazon Alexa, which will give you the possibility of asking Alexa to tell you the amount of water that you drank today.

h20pal  - h20pal 2 570x317 - The best smart water bottles of 2018 – MBReviews

Be aware that the way this smart device works is that you need to put the bottle down every time you fill it with water, so the tracker can take all the necessary measurements and, after you drank the water, you have to put the bottle down once again, so it can measure the changes in the quantity. This means that it is less suitable for joggers and more for people that work in an office or those who go to the gym. If you don’t want to keep the Bluetooth enabled all the time or simply don’t have your phone nearby, the H20Pal will also work offline, so, even if you refill the bottle several times, after it can be re-synced to the app, it will take into account all the data.
Note: Every time you add a new bottle, you have to re-calibrate the tracker: it can be done by going to the H20-Pal Tracker option on the app, selecting Advanced settings and choosing calibrate (you will need to enter the volume of the bottle, calibrate it empty and then calibrate it when it’s filled).



2. Ozmo Active Smart Bottle

ozmo  - ozmo bottle 3 570x349 - The best smart water bottles of 2018 – MBReviews

amazonbutton  - amazonbutton - The best smart water bottles of 2018 – MBReviews

The Ozmo Active Smart Bottle is one of the two devices available from the Hong Kong-based startup company ‘Groking Lab’, especially created for people that need to keep track of their water consumption and, in order to bring a unique feature to the table, it has sensors which can detect whether you have filled the bottle with water or with coffee (the other device available is the Ozmo Java+, which is also a smart bottle, but especially created for coffee drinkers – it can keep the coffee warm at 144 degrees F).

The manufacturer decided to steer clear of the fragile glass bottle and the material choice for the Ozmo Active was ABS plastic, which should provide better protection in case you accidentally drop it and it will look more at home while you’re jogging or biking (although it’s not transparent, so you won’t see how much water is left inside the bottle). That being said, the smart bottle doesn’t really have an attractive design, but it does make up for it with the robust built quality (the bottle also weighs 12.7 ounces and it has a 16 ounces capacity).

ozmo  - ozmo bottle 2 570x349 - The best smart water bottles of 2018 – MBReviews

The smart bottle comes in blue, grey, purple, red, seafoam green, pink and white, it has a top handle for easy carrying and, towards the bottom, there is a removable tab which exposes the recessed Reset button and the micro-USB charging port (to fully charge the battery, it should take roughly two hours and the battery life is rated at about 3 weeks).

On the side of the device, you’ll notice three LED lights: if the middle LED is enabled, then the lid isn’t properly closed, so the bottle won’t be able to track your drink; if one light is enabled, then you’re reached 20% of your hydration goal, otherwise, if two LEDs are active, then you’re reached 50% of your goal and three lights indicate that you’ve reached your goal (the three LED lights will also become active to let you know when the device is fully charged). Furthermore, the Ozmo Active smart bottle will let you know when the lid is securely closed by vibrating once, will alert you that the lid is open by vibrating three times and, if you haven’t been drinking water for over an hour, it will vibrate six times.
Note: Unlike the H20Pal, which has the tracker and the bottle separately, the Ozmo Active doesn’t have two separate parts, which means that you’ll have to clean the device as a whole: you’ll have to do it by hand, as it is not dishwasher safe.

ozmo  - ozmo bottle 4 570x313 - The best smart water bottles of 2018 – MBReviews

While the Ozmo Active Smart Bottle will work fine on its own as it has integrated inside the bottle a way of notifying you on your progress (the LED lights), you can connect the bottle to either an Android or to an iOS device using the Ozmo app (the app won’t send any notifications and you’ll have to rely solely on the bottle’s LEDs and vibrations). The Ozmo Active is also compatible with FitBit, Garmin, Misfit and Apple Health apps, and it has an integrated barcode scanner which can be used to scan the nutritional info from all the new food labels.

To do so, you need to download, install and open the app, and tap Get Started: this will open up the Profile window, which will ask for your gender, age, height and weight (all this info will help the app determine your daily water intake goal). Afterwards, you will have to connect the Ozmo bottle to the app: keep the mobile phone close to the bottle and wait until it vibrates and until the trio of LED lights will blink.

ozmo  - ozmo bottle 1 570x327 - The best smart water bottles of 2018 – MBReviews

After the pairing process is done, you can start adding water (you’ll see a live representation of the amount of water that’s being poured inside the container). From now on, every time you take a sip out of the bottle, the sensors will automatically detect it and you can see in the app how much close you are to your goal. You can also add coffee inside the container and the sensors will immediately pick it up and you will be able to see in the app that a different interface is loaded, especially designed for the coffee intake (the system is not perfect as sometimes, the sensors can mistake water for coffee or vice versa).
Note: After you’ve added the necessary water, make sure that the lid is closed securely to activate the Bluetooth (when it is tightly sealed, the middle LED will turn off).



3. Hidrate Spark 2.0 Tracker

hidrate  - hidrate spark 1 570x348 - The best smart water bottles of 2018 – MBReviews

amazonbutton  - amazonbutton - The best smart water bottles of 2018 – MBReviews

The Hidrate Spark 2.0 is the second attempt from the American start-up company at creating the best smart water bottle, with the first version being created after a successful KickStarter campaign, but it had some issues that needed to be addressed, so the manufacturer released the 2.0 version of the Hidrate Spark (at the end of last year) and it comes as an overall improvement to the first smart bottle (a better syncing between the device and the app, a sturdier body, stronger glow).

One of the main selling points of the Hidrate Spark was and still remains the design of the smart bottle. So, while the other manufacturers of smart bottles didn’t put much thought in the design process, the Hidrate Spark 2.0 features a nice looking plastic bottle (BPA-Free Tritan) with a geometric pattern all around which will greatly improve the grip.

hidrate  - hidrate spark 2 570x365 - The best smart water bottles of 2018 – MBReviews

Similarly to the H2OPal, the Hidrate Spark 2.0 cannot be used while jogging or practising any other outdoor sport, since it is required to put the bottle down every time you drink from it in order for the sensor to calculate the consumed water quantity. This means that this smart bottle is better suited for people that work in an office environment or are going to the gym (where you can leave your bottle down after every sip of water).

The Hidrate Spark tracks the water intake using a long sensor which lies inside the bottle and is attached to the lid (unscrewing the bottle part will reveal the long piece of plastic – called the sensor stick by the manufacturer – which is powered by two CR2032 coin cell batteries). Furthermore, there is a series of multicoloured LED lights inside the sensor stick which will glow in various patterns that can be set from the app (it can be a single white pulse or three white (or coloured) pulses repeated 3 times over 30 seconds, as well as a combo between white and coloured; it can also be 5 light fast flashed repeated 3 times over 30 seconds (white, coloured, combo or alternated) as well as other available types). The Hidrate Spark 2.0 has a 24 ounces capacity and, if you want to wash it, know that only the bottle and the lid are dishwasher safe, so, it is advisable to remove the sensor stick before washing the device to avoid any damages.
Note: Be aware that the bottle is not insulated, so the water will eventually have the room’s temperature.

hidrate  - hidrate spark 3 570x350 - The best smart water bottles of 2018 – MBReviews

The Hidrate Spark 2.0 has an app which will work with iOS devices and with some Android phones (check the list on the manufacturer’s website to make sure your device is compatible) and, similarly to most other smart bottles on the market, the setup process is simple and straight-forward: after you’ve launched the app, you’ll be required to insert your name, select the reason you chose the bottle (you’ll get a drop down list from which you can choose your answer), choose your gender, height, weight and birthday, select how active you are and allow the app to know your location (which will help you find your bottle easily, as well as create a more personalized goal based on the temperature and humidity in the area you live in).

Next, the app will attempt to pair with the bottle (you need to place your mobile phone or tablet close to the cap of the Hidrate Spark – it uses Bluetooth) and you’ll be given instructions for calibrating the device (to do so, you first need to set the bottle upright on a flat surface, fill it with water and let it sit for 10 seconds – it needs to be empty beforehand).

hidrate  - hidrate spark 4 570x368 - The best smart water bottles of 2018 – MBReviews

After the setup process is done, you can create a new account to gain access to the user interface: here, you will be able to see how much water you need to drink, as well as visit the menu: Home, Profile, History (Week and Month), Social (Friends and Notifications), Add Water and Settings (set up your Profile, change your Goal, configure the Push and Glow Notifications, Connect to the Apps, change the Units, view More and Help).
Note: The Hidrate Spark 2.0 will work with Apple Watch, Apple Health Kit, Fitbit, Google Fit, Under Armour Record, as well as Nokia Health (Withings).



4. Thermos 24 Ounce Hydration Bottle with Connected Smart Lid

thermos  - thermos 24 ounce smart bottle 1 570x350 - The best smart water bottles of 2018 – MBReviews

amazonbutton  - amazonbutton - The best smart water bottles of 2018 – MBReviews

Thermos L.L.C. is one of the best known manufacturers of insulated beverage and food containers (as well as some other consumer products) in the world and one of the oldest (the company has been around for over a century). Thermos has also managed to create a generic trademark for the thermos name (which now refers to the object and it is being produced by many other companies), so, since it’s clear that the manufacturer has a lot of experience under its belt, one would expect for them to create the perfect smart water bottle, but, while the Thermos 24 Ounce Hydration Bottle is a more than a decent device, it does come with some quirks that may not be on everybody’s taste (such as no support for Android OS and not always accurate readings).

That being said, the Thermos 24 Ounce Hydration Bottle features a cylindrical bottle made of BPA-free Eastman Tritan™ copolyester material (a type of BPA-free plastic, which should make it safer and more durable, although there is some research which claims that Tritan is not really safer than regular plastic with BPA) which should not be used with hot beverages, which is a bit ironic since we’re talking about a Thermos made bottle.

thermos  - thermos 24 ounce smart bottle 3 570x337 - The best smart water bottles of 2018 – MBReviews

The body of the Thermos bottle is semi-transparent, it comes into two colours, teal and smoke (dark grey) and, since we’re dealing with a 24 oz recipient, it is not really that tall or large (it measures 9.9 x 2.9 x 3.0 inches).

But, the bottle itself won’t offer much over a regular recipient and the most important part of the Thermos Hydration Bottle is actually the smart lid that has the role of measuring how much you drink, as well as the temperature of the water (using a sensor tube). The lid itself is made of plastic, consisting of a matte part which gets attached to the bottle (it gets connected by a latch) and a transparent removable top section that reveals the mouth of the bottle.

thermos  - thermos 24 ounce smart bottle 2 570x361 - The best smart water bottles of 2018 – MBReviews

Inside the lid, there’s an integrated flip-up plastic section which reveals a Micro-SUB port for charging the devices – the smart water bottle comes with an internal battery that can deliver up to 12 days of use before needing recharging, but it also indicates that you cannot wash the top part of the bottle because of the internal circuitry (you can only clean it with a dry cloth).

The Thermos 24 Ounce Hydration Bottle has a dedicated app available for Apple devices only (requires iOS 7 and up), so unfortunately, Android users will have to choose a different brand since Thermos does not seem too interested in releasing a compatible app. After you have installed the software from the App Store, launch the application and then follow some simple steps to configure it, such as setting up an user profile, waking the Smart Lid – you may need to first charge the lid if the battery is too low – and allow it to discover the device. Once the bottle is paired to the app (via Bluetooth), it will attempt to undergo some calibrations (make sure that the sensor tube is dry for accurate readings) and, afterwards, you can start creating hydration goals (you’ll need to answer a series of basic questions).

thermos  - thermos 24 ounce smart bottle 4 570x320 - The best smart water bottles of 2018 – MBReviews

After that, you can visit the Dashboard, which will display the water temperature, the consumed quantity, the number of sips (it’s not always 100% accurate, but it does its job properly most of the time) and how close you are to reaching your daily goal (a percentage, as well as in quantity). Furthermore, you can visit the Activity page which will display your current stats – the quantity of consumed water over a set period of time, as well as specific hours when you took a sip – or you can visit the Reminders page to enable Goal Progress reminders, create custom ones or visit the Workout section.

Besides the proprietary app, the Thermos 24 Ounce Hydration Bottle will also work with Fitbit (although it’s not as stable as the dedicated app – the data will also automatically sync with Fitbit only after you finish drinking all the water from the bottle).
Note: Inside the package, there’s the Thermos 24 Ounce Hydration Bottle with Connected Smart Lid, a USB charging cable and a Care and Use Manual.

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